Selectively, the Urban Century Group invests in workplace-related properties where it believes it can create value through space transformation, tenant turn-over, or recapitalization. Its focus, as in all property related sectors, is on large urban gateway markets where the demand for work and workplace is deepest.


While it sees significant potential disruption to the traditional office space market in the decades to come, the Urban Century Group believes that the largest and dominant urban nodes on the international pathway of business and trade offer the best long-term prospects for real estate capital formation and rising property values in workplace related properties. The firm’s long-term choices reflect this belief. However, it has also invested opportunistically in transitional situations and distressed office properties located in less dominant markets.

Whether we renovate and upgrade a property, change its use to a higher and better one, replace tenants, or develop from the ground up, we add value at the asset level, independent of market-related value creation. This investment style is strengthened by our long-term-ownership stance on control assessment, capital structure, and exit choices.

Our approach is to identify unique, high-potential assets that are under-used or under-managed. We acquire, redevelop, reposition and re-tenant assets, essentially reinventing outdated properties. Our investment insights, anchored in real estate fundamentals, are enhanced by our extensive operational and development experience.

Office Projects