Urban Century invests in large urban retail assets with major street frontage, usually part of a multi-story complex, with an integrated urban retail shopping and entertainment center destination, themed around powerful brands, exciting products, and media-rich experiences.


Our commerce centers  are usually part of mixed-use properties, and their design, layouts, merchandising, and technology embrace a new retailing paradigm, where twenty first century shoppers come to have socially engaging shopping, learning and entertainment experiences.

These properties are designed to maximize interactivity throughout, so as to engage modern consumers with limited attention span, using exterior façade LED displays, branded product-panels, and mobile device interactions.  Installations feature not only the most interesting products, but also the retail brands behind them. They tell the stories of the products and companies that consumers are exposed to, in order to bind them with an affiliative and aspirational lifestyle. We conceive our places of commerce as exciting destinations where visitors can customize their experience and generate social media content to multiply their favorite brands’ reach.

We service the urban lifestyle generation.

Hotel, Retail, & Entertainment Projects