We bring experience, ingenuity and discipline to the remaking of urban living for the 21st century.


We seek to create value by combining a hands-on management style with aggressive operating strategies and conservative financing.


Selecting Projects

Identifying Unique Investment Opportunities

UCG's founders have a long history of identifying and profiting from mispriced property assets in city center locations. Our success in identifying compelling projects relies on our extensive network of industry relationships, built over decades of transaction and business management in our industry sectors. Our track record puts our team in a unique position to capitalize on the best opportunities arising in our target markets.

We focus on finding great assets in superior locations, with physical, structural, or branding challenges that can be remedied with capital, creativity, and shrewd execution. From time to time, we also focus on a sub-market or property that becomes mispriced. Mispricing happens when other investors do not recognize an asset's long-term value potential or do not have the organization and relationships to take advantage of the opportunity. Such instances of dislocation and inefficiency, often present us with the best project opportunities.

Adding Value

Envisioning & Executing Transformative Projects

We invest in assets that involve a significant paradigm shift. Before an acquisition, we invest a significant amount of time upfront thinking about the most innovative economic, physical, and functional transformation for the target. Whether we envision a new economic model for a business or create a hip, modern and competitive property out of an obsolete building, we innovate and generate value at the asset level.

Our execution expertise lies in our ability to carry-out a complex redevelopment process with resolve and steadfast discipline, while making swift and flexible adjustments that enable product improvements, when opportunities to enhance our cost-quality relationship arise. Our hands-on approach to the management of our investments reflects the combined skill set of our leadership team.

Managing Risk

Mitigating Risk and Managing Downside

Our Group's discipline is anchored around a culture of complete transparency and honesty. We mitigate project risks by (i) choosing creative financial structures and planning for operational contingencies, (ii) continually reassessing downside potential, and (iii) making conservative use of debt leverage. We combine this discipline with significant flexibility in the face of variability, in order to deliver focused and timely execution of our investment ideas.