Industry Sectors

We have activities in three primary industry sectors: Housing, Commerce and Energy.



We seek to tackle the enduring challenge of housing in our modern economy, and we strive to address two of this century’s most pressing societal needs: (1) confronting the growing need for affordable and engaging places to live in city centers, and (2) advancing the performance of these buildings beyond the status quo with innovative design and programming. ...

This mission, we believe, is best accomplished by (i) owning walkable properties near transit and neighborhood amenities, (ii) renovating them and bringing them up to modern living standards, and (iii) enhancing them with lively and vibrant tenant communities benefitting from the economic and racial diversity that are at the core of “urban place making”.

Urban Century’s mission in the cities where it is present is to be a landlord of choice for tenants seeking the charm and grandeur of historic properties and in their city’ oldest and most established neighborhoods, but desire to have the comfort of modern living amenities and a Class A service experience. The Company aims to become a leader and innovator in “21st century” residential communities and property management services. It does so by reinventing older rental housing stock and older neighborhoods, with the aim of creating vibrant and modern rental communities that benefit from unique architectural character, excellent service, and technology-enabled living standards.

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Since its founding, the Urban Century Group has focused on the development of mixed-use urban properties with the aim to create vibrant centers of trade and commerce in densely populated in-fill neighborhoods. These projects are typically very ambitious, multi-cycle development projects, requiring many disciplines and multiple investment partners. Urban Century has also invested in innovative consumer product companies serving its target demographic, a psychographic profile we dubbed the urban lifestyle generation....

Nowhere has technology been as disruptive as in commerce and retail. Most of the retail property formats invented throughout the 20th century will be severely affected by the evolving changes in the way current consumers think about shopping, socializing and entertaining. The rapid growth of e-commerce in the first decade of the 21st century has already made it clear that most shopping could be conducted without recourse to a retail store space. But while much of today’s retail space will become obsolete, many properties can be successfully reinvented for the live experience-focused commerce of tomorrow.

Urban Century targets only deep urban markets that feature a large and dynamic employment base, a highly educated workforce, high household-income levels, and a growing population. We acquire and redevelop iconic urban mixed-use properties, with high barrier-to-entry locations, enjoying easy access to mass-transit nodes. We service the Urban Lifestyle Generation by investing in consumer-related businesses and properties offering services, conveniences, and personalized experiences that can create lasting brand value.

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We invest in powering the urban lifestyle generation. The Urban Century Group’s investment and development activities are currently centered on exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas in America. But the company has also begun investing resources in research on solar energy development projects and investment opportunities. ...

Through its Olam Energy investment arm, the company owns an energy affiliate that operates oil and gas fields in the Permian Basin of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. Olam Energy controls oil and natural gas production assets in the Delaware Basin and the Midland Basin. These two prized sub-basins make up the core of the Permian, the largest oil and gas field in the United States and the second largest in the world, with 50 billion barrels of proven recoverable oil reserves.

Olam Energy aims to capitalize on the gathering momentum in domestic energy production unleashed in the U.S. mainland by new production technologies, such as hydro-fracking and horizontal drilling. The company is in partnership with Maefield Development who serves as the operator of MDC Texas Energy, their joint affiliate.

MDC's properties are located in the prized West Texas’ Midland core of the Permian.

This field is located in the deepest energy demand market in the world, offering the most stable economic and political environment, and the most developed oil and gas transport networks in the world.  Permian-based operations give exploration companies the ability to produce oil and gas without exposure to political risks, currency risks, transport risks, sabotage and other operational disruptions typical of foreign energy fields.

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