Changing Cities, One Idea at a Time.


We invest in supporting new ways for people to live, create and explore in cities, with a focus on reinventing under-developed assets and businesses that offer scalable value-creation opportunities.



We look for acquisition opportunities that fit the following parameters:

  • We target hold periods of ten years or more to capitalize on long-term-demand trends.

  • We pursue under-improved or under-performing land or property assets, with redevelopment or repositioning potential, and significant long-term capital appreciation.

  • Property assets in urban locations with high density housing demand, retail and entertainment, and proximity to jobs and mass transit hubs.

  • Energy assets, as of yet undeveloped, in the Permian Basin’s Midland and Delaware sub-basins, in large contiguous acreage blocks offering significant development potential.


We are focused on large gateway markets offering the most liquidity and greatest long-term strength:

  • Our investments in real estate center on deep U.S. MSAs in the Northeast and Southeast: New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta, as well as select secondary cities with dense urban cores.

  • Our development activities in energy are concentrated on the upstream oil and natural gas markets of the U.S. Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico.


Our individual investments typically range between $30 million and $100 million, but we occasionally undertake much larger projects. Our projects and business units are held in four different portfolios:

  • UCG’s LIVE portfolio includes residential assets: typically mid- or high-rise multi-family rental apartment properties with retail and food and beverage venues on the ground floor.

  • UCG’s CREATE portfolio targets work space assets: usually innovative urban boutique office buildings operated as standalone properties or as part of mixed-use properties.

  • UCG’s EXPLORE portfolio includes hotel and retail properties: typically multi-tenant urban street retail properties combined with large vertical mixed-use buildings including some entertainment venues, a hotel and other uses.

  • UCG's POWER portfolio includes energy projects: large assemblages of onshore oil and gas fields held for drilling and development of hydrocarbon energy production over long periods of time.

Investment Portfolios